The Story Of Joshua Nathan

The importance Of health, fitness, and mental health

Story Of the Fitness Genius, Joshua Nathan

…I recently came across a story of a friend whilst browsing Instagram, and it was a poll that posed a question of whether being fit and healthy would have a significant impact on improving mental health, perhaps, to the extent of countering suicidal thoughts/tendencies or whether mental health was a far more complicated issue and could not be rectified solely by improving your health/fitness.

Summarized, it described whether being fit and healthy would give you the best chance at overcoming mental health issues or not.

Naturally, I voted for: “Yes, improving fitness will improve mental health” even though the majority of people voted it was: “More complicated than that.”

So, I thought this was an extremely interesting topic to explore, so here is my account…

Ignoring the covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, and financial problems a person could be facing in these truly unprecedented times. Which our generation has never seen before.

I come from a point in my life where I was unhappy with my image and had little money to begin with anyway.

I felt like I didn’t have the confidence necessary to tackle certain obstacles in life.

It was only until I began disciplining myself, working into a routine, and becoming regimental did I teach myself very important behaviors which have become other successful people’s mantra in life.

I am talking about transforming not just your body, but your entire image into the person you feel you should become. In order to avoid other mental health side effects, I would refrain from taking any biochemical altering/performance-enhancing hormones which could upset your equilibrium or cause you to develop body dysmorphia.

I know some bodybuilders who take hormones can suffer from negative mental health implications consequently. In severe cases, this can even include paranoia, delusion, bipolar disorder, and irrationality.

I knew I wasn’t going to be the biggest, most ripped guy in the world… but that didn’t matter.

I was becoming much happier with myself and I discovered strengths and weaknesses in myself and my body that I could fix, or I would learn to accept with time.

I could apply for modeling jobs, I could post my progress, I could inspire others to do the same. I could even go out and meet women and even apply for jobs I never “thought” I was qualified for because I had gained confidence in myself.

This overall just made me a better, happier person.

I would go as far as saying that health and fitness saved my life.
I was never in any real danger, but it saved my life from being anything but average.

Am I saying it is the cure for every problem? Absolutely not. But it opens other avenues and opportunities and you could find yourself feeling very passionate about it.

You cannot deny that there don’t exist any benefits to improving your health and fitness. Countless studies show how your brain reacts to physical exercise.

These directly impact mental health. You cannot avoid certain things in life, nor people’s negative reactions towards you, but you can make a conscious change in yourself and your behavior which can mold you into a stronger person.

Am I saying that mental health isn’t a complicated issue or that you must be strong? Of course not, but if you are a person who is like me, then doing this could be the big break you need.

You will instead find like-minded people who share your passion, to talk about your problems with, if not close friends/family or a professional.

Always strive to do your best and to be a good person even when some issues seem overwhelming, even when it seems bleak, because remember… you are precious life and one individual is capable of anything, even changing the world.

This is all about transitioning from one point in your life to another.
People will be drawn to your effort and positive energy trust me.

Assuming this post resonated with you, let me pose this question instead:
Are you giving yourself the best possible chance at life by not being fit and healthy?


Thank you for your time and let me know if you enjoyed this post!

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This Is The Story Of Joshua Nathan

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