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Hello, I’m Juan Plamen I’m the founder of this blog and a digital marketing expert. Nowadays, I work as a SEO Consultant in Mallorca in my own SEO agency Seo Aim One and I’m the kind of person who can help you reach your full potential in the business market by growing your personal and professional skills, obviously, if you’re willing to make the effort of kindly keep reading my blog posts.

But why would I want to do that…?

Well, as you may have noticed, from your childhood beautiful memories to the actual lifestyle you’re living, or at last, desire to have, there’s its a huge difference. You’ve grown up, you’ve developed new habits, hell, I bet you’ve even done things you never thought about when being just a kid!

What’s The Reason I’m Talking To You About All This?…

The answer is simple, now you may be different than you were back then in your childhood, but sadly, there’s a cost for growing up and many things we leave behind, we stop believing in the limitless opportunities that life can bring us, we stop being spontaneous as we once were, we put our attention to unimportant things when what really matters is in front of us, we start to get affected by the power socialization, by the rules, we start to be conditioned and affected by the socialization so many times that we forget to be ourselves, and we start acting like someone we know we aren’t.

I’ve realized the power that socialization has on us, and that once had on me, that’s why I decided to take matters by creating Eagle Beagle Spirit – The Temple For Personal Development, this is a non-lucrative I’ve decided to make for entrepreneurs and people who want to have a better life.

Anyway, now you know the reason I’ve created Eagle Beagle Spirit, this is a place where you’re going to be safe from these negative effects of socialization, this is a place where you can be who you really are.

This is a place where you can improve, develop skills, travel back in time to develop skills you had but didn’t though about, explore places, and most importantly, this is a place where you can be you and where you will develop or welcome back the best and the true version of yourself!

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