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First things first, we’ve been able to write this article thanks to the help of our founder and Consultor SEO Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. Now, coming back to this article, the best advice, to begin with, is to draw a graphic that provides a structure for your staff to generate lucrative items or services for consumers to make a successful and profitable business ideas model for your firm.

Now, let’s continue with what a business model generally contains.

A Business Model Generally Contains Information About…

Your Consumers:

Engaged consumers vs not-so-engaged consumers, meaning, you need to be constantly tasting strategies and applying them till you get the best result (as with ads for example)

How do your Consumers use a Certain Product or any of your products offered:

Are your clients looking for products that offer a long-term service?… a fast solution?… do your clients come really often to use a certain service/product from your company?

The Best Way to Distribute your Product and Save Expenses:

It’s better to distribute your products in bulk quantities (sending a lot of products) and save them into a warehouse?

(In that way you can save more space in your actual store and get the chance to replace certain products to test different strategies meanwhile you keep your other products safe and trying different strategies)

or… it’s better to keep them stored all in a warehouse or in your own store with the chance of selling or sending them only when you’ve certain clients’ necessities and needs?…

(E.g. by using the highest quality transportation at cheap rates… choosing the transportation company that offers your the best conditions, discounts, fast delivery…)

The Best Way to Sell your Product:

What’s the most effective way to sell your products and services? How do you close more sales? it’s enough to make ads that your clients can see on the internet and on the Tv and call to order it, or, does the deal needs to be closed by being present face-to-face?

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How you Advertise your Company: 

Are you advertising your company in a way that makes the right connection with your audience? (e.g. if you’re offering in your company washing machines, does your audience see you in a familiar way or more like another company that’s trying to sell the deal?…

Make sure you’re always thinking about your clients, offer larger guarantees than your competitors, give them solutions, and most importantly, make them think of your company as something more than only a company that’s just trying to sell like most companies are doing.

… Now, something really important and that you need to understand in order to keep reading this post.

The business model includes data about how business is performed, as well as essential operational activities, personnel, and other resource needs, also, a business model is usually a one-page document that uses visual representations to explain your firm. 

Whereas a business plan is a longer document that discusses your business.

A Successful Company Model is one that…

1. Always focuses on one that focuses on producing and delivering exceptional value to consumers while also generating high-profit margins.

2. Takes care of the customer discontent or dissonance, as well as financial issues, those ones should be avoided as maximum as possible by applying a strong and effective company strategy.

3. Includes strategies and tactics for achieving and maintaining market dominance.

In summary, as you can see, creating the ideal business model takes the same amount of effort as creating the ideal product for your consumers to keep them happy and motivated in order to keep on buying.

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…Now that you’ve understood the basics and have a reasonable amount of knowledge let’s follow with how to create a perfect company model.

Here’s How to Create a Perfect Company Model:

1. Estimate the Market Value of Your Product

This basically means that you should price your items similar to those of your competitors.

If your product is priced too high, sales will suffer a damn lot, and if it is priced too low, margins will be insufficient for long-term viability and high profitability.

My best advice here is… look for your competitor’s weaknesses and what you offer that makes your product better than theirs, it’s your time guarantee? it’s the better quality and durability of your product?

THINK ABOUT the weaknesses from your competitors and BE LOUD with your clients about how much better your products are and how will they make a difference in their lives.

2. Secure High-Value Clients

Usually, the customers of high value are those from whom you get the most value while keeping your costs as low as feasible, after all, this is a win/win if done right.

Your high-value customers usually assist you in achieving your company objectives and that’s why you must keep them and keep on producing great quality products for a low price, these clients may be reached at a low marketing cost.

A great way to secure high-value clients is to keep them happy with discounts, VIP offers, sending them newsletters about promotions, and most importantly, by reminding them that they’re important to you.

3. Make Certain that the Margins are Sufficiently Wide

Maintaining larger margins is easier when production expenses are kept low by outsourcing or having a better process, this is something you must remember, simple but really important.

If your product has features that give more value to the buyer than most other companies that can allow you to charge a higher price for the product or service you’re selling.

You may also go for a low-touch approach to save money on labor, there are several strategies to ensure that the margins are sufficient to support the business, just study and test these strategies to find the best one for your company.

4. Confirm that your Product is the Best Option

The majority of stakeholders’ feelings about your product are already taken care of during the prototype phase, right? well, unlike popular beliefs, I advise you to always do some last brainstorming and pre-final test before going all in!

This is an easy and safe way to make sure that whatever happens it’s going to be for good and there will be more guarantees of success, never take the shortcut if you want a great or the greatest product in your industry.

You must recognize that your solution solves the problem you’re seeking to solve and that it is the best at what it does. Even the finest business strategy can’t salvage a mediocre product believe me.

5. Make Sure your Customers are Happy

We both know that getting a new client is far more costly than keeping an old one happy, and a pleased consumer is also a brand advocate. So what can we do to have a higher chance to win a new client?

Quality after-sales customer care is one approach to ensure customer happiness, but the costs are significant and generate no money for the business most of the time, that’s a fact and we’re looking to generate somehow fidelity with the new client.

So, when dealing with new clients make sure to offer them not only a quality after-sales service and discounts but also to feel a positive connection with the company, give them a good reason to come back.

6. Choose a Distribution Channel and a Distribution Strategy

If the distribution or marketing of a great product is inadequate, it will not be great, believe me, this is one of the most important parts of the product’s success and where most of the companies fail.

(e.g. the estimated time of the delivery you offer, will you send products internationally or only local? will you need to rent warehouses and drivers to be delivering your products, are you going to promote your product via Tv, telephone calls, face-to-face?…)  

All aspects of your channel approach should be thoroughly tested and tested again and again till you encounter the right channel and strategy of distribution.

Any high margins can be maintained via an effective distribution system, just keep on tasting.

7. Keep your Market Share

A successful business model will contain strategies for ensuring the company’s long-term viability and improving its market position. As a result, it will need to consider all growth possibilities as well as external dangers, as well as include a long-term product strategy.

Trust me, you don’t want to rely on a small number of clients for the majority of your business and that’s why you need to be constantly applying and trying new strategies and products with your old and new clients.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to let your competitors control virtually all of the distribution and price fluctuations, or for your competitors to be able to control almost all the damn distribution.

Summary, work on a damn long-term strategy and growth possibilities like expanding your business.

8. Develop a Funding Strategy

Your company’s long-term viability is contingent on its capacity to raise funds, and no, I don’t only mean financing from investors when I say funding, I just want to make this point clear.

Your business can be bootstrapped, but it will need a steady stream of money to stay afloat. Any firm, not just a start-up, must bear personnel costs, operational capital, and a variety of other overheads.

For example, start-ups demand considerably more capital since they must spend far more on client acquisition and retention than established companies.

You’d want your earnings to cover all of these crazy expenses without any doubt in mind.

Your early fundraising rounds should ideally allow you to double your sales by a factor of ten so that you may get external investment.

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9. Implement a Pilot Program

A restricted pilot rollout gives you the chance to evaluate everything about your product, from expenses to quality to pricing. It’s a low-risk, high-speed approach to fine-tune pricing and channel strategy before going live.

For example, the Business Model Canvas, created by Alexander Osterwalder, the creator of Strategyzer, is arguably the most complete framework for business models.

After you’ve completed the preceding stages, you’ll be able to fill up the Business Model Canvas and choose an entrance or growth plan. Let’s take a closer look at it.

10. Canvas for Business Models

The Business Model Canvas is used by companies like P&G, GE, and Nestlé to discuss their existing and prospective businesses in an organized and concrete way.

The reason they’re using such a model is that by doing this they get to save more time by doing things faster, working more efficiently and smarter, they get to fix and clear objectives, find growth opportunities, and a bunch much more, that’s one of the reasons this business model is very popular among few big companies. 

Now, there’s a big difference in using this business model between established organizations and new businesses that you should know if you’re planning to use it.

Usually established organizations use it to manage their strategy and find new growth opportunities, while new businesses utilize it to find the proper business model.

I hope this post was of great help to you and it helps you to manage your company way better, smarter, and with clear and greater objectives than before, and create a vision by using this business model, the best business model.

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