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The 4 Unknown Secrets to Change and Upgrade Your Habits

Your behaviors determine where you end up in life and how your day ends, that’s the truth says Juan Plamen Founder & CEO of Seo Aim One. In my opinion, the same is true for the antithesis of greatness as well as excellence itself, because, habits that are substandard, are the cause of mediocrity.

Change our behaviors, and we can go up the ladder of success. The question is, how? But first, let me clarify: Habits affect your life, but they do not ensure success!

As outlined in articles and books on “the habits of millionaires.” As far as we can tell, Elon Musk sleeps two hours a day and eats Cheerios for dinner. It’s just that the writers of these idiotic publications don’t want you to know that correlation does not equate to causation.

Working hard and taking cold showers will not bring you success. As a result, when I talk about habits, I don’t talk about the results of my actions. Changing our real conduct to improve the quality of our lives is what I’m talking about!

Following this, here are my four-step approaches to creating life-altering habits.

1. Decide Which Behaviors Are Worth the Effort

Even if I spent the whole day telling you about the behaviors that have influenced me in my life, it would be of no use, as I said before. So in fact, a good habit is a choice that only YOU can make.

New habits can only be formed once you have decided whether a certain habit is worthwhile to you. Most of the time, when we hear about something, we think, “I should do that.”

Really? Is it necessary to get up one hour earlier? Should I take ice-cold showers or hot showers instead? Does this mean that I should be eating like a caveman? Does it make sense for me to run every day?

Is waking up early helping you? I don’t know what to do. The quality of my life suffers when I wake up early and act like a grouchy old man who dislikes others, damn!

No matter how many people tell me it will help me succeed, I don’t get up extremely early (7 AM or earlier).

Simply ask yourself:

‘Will habit x make my life better? ‘

Asking oneself that question is important, since we all need a purpose to change, what we need is more than just a lazy cursory explanation.

Say, for example, “I want to read one book a week.” Why?! So, what can you do?! What is your vision for the future?! Who you are and what do you want to achieve??

For example, as a teacher/trainer and entrepreneur, I read two books a week. For my job to be better, I need to learn new things every day. As a result of my strength training regimen, I hope to become a more helpful member of society. I have a lot of errands to do around my house and office.

2. Choose One Behavior at a Time to Work on

The fact that I tried to establish a million habits at the same time was one of the many reasons I failed.

The reason I go on these self-improvement binges is beyond me. You name it, I want to read more, write more, work more, live more comfortably, eat more healthfully, you name it.

If you’re the same, it’s better to keep your excitement under check. People tend to get into a muddle when they try to accomplish too many things at once, I even include myself on this one.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself back where you started. Does this sound familiar to you?

Because we overestimate our abilities, we try to juggle a lot of things at once. We believe we can do a great deal in a short amount of time. That’s a myth.

We can accomplish a lot over time. Of course, this is true.

Concentrate on one item at a time, then move on. Build habits in a pyramid-like fashion (as the graphic on top of this page shows).

3. Set the Bar Too Low

We frequently desire to undertake huge things, but we don’t really know what we’re doing. Entrepreneurship and professional development take work. Almost everything worth having in life needs a great deal of effort to obtain.

So, let’s start a little before we accomplish anything huge. In the same way, before you can change the world, you must first transform yourself. For example, War and Peace author Leo Tolstoy wrote:

It has been said that “everyone wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change themselves.”

Concentrate on the simple things. It’s important to lay down a solid foundation before moving on with anything else. We will never be able to do anything substantial without it.

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4. Create a Checklist

I’m a total slob and forget everything sometimes… I started reading every day a few years back and haven’t stopped since. And you know what? I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning…

When I’d read for five or six days in a row, I’d suddenly forget what I’d read… somehow my urge to read more just disappeared. You have a burning desire to act, It’s up to you.

Then you forget it. Things happen, don’t they? Well, hell, that’s not good enough! This is not a time to let yourself off the hook. So my recommendation, make lists, lists help us stay focused on what we’re attempting to do.

Remember: We create habits in order to improve our life.

Your habits should be checked off every day. How much your life has altered because of this will amaze you one day.

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