Playing Video Games (Consequences)

Why playing videogames too much is dangerous

The Dangers of Playing Videogames

Video games have been demonstrated in studies to improve behavioral and cognitive capabilities. However, one must realize that youngsters who are overexposed to video games may suffer negative consequences.

Indeed, just as certain games can assist build perceptual and cognitive capabilities, others can contribute to the development of maladaptive behaviors. It has been demonstrated that playing prosocial games resulted in more ‘helping’ behavior, while that playing a violent game resulted in more ‘harming’ behavior.

Aside from the habituation to violence and “less-helpful” behaviors that violent video games might impart, several pieces of research suggest that youngsters who can sustain their focus on fast-paced and ever-stimulating games have a harder difficulty doing so during slower-paced activities.

When a person is accustomed to being stimulated at a high rate of presentation over prolonged periods of time, he finds it difficult to maintain his focus on a slower-paced and much less exciting activity.

Other issues occur as a result of extended gaming or when “addiction” sets in… excessive internet use or gaming can have long-term negative repercussions on behavior such as social withdrawal, loneliness, sadness, or even increased irritability and difficulty focusing on a less engaging job or in less rewarding social settings.

Some people who are overly immersed in their games may develop lower frustration thresholds: externalized aggressive behavior such as screaming or physical action may emerge in people who are confronted with repeated failures and obstacles they are unable to overcome, or in people who are interrupted while doing something that takes some little effort from their part.

A little distraction or even talking to this kind of person while he/she’s doing something can suppose big irritability, but, when opposed to a constructive pleasant activity, playing violent video games gives a totally different feeling.

Violence exposure poses a risk in all forms, including on TV and in the movies, this constant exposure and pressure can transform into abrupt ways of ceasing and interrupting anyone’s current activity.


1. Violence in video games has a greater influence than violence in movies or on television

When gamers interact with this information in a game-like setting, they learn that interactive violence may be associated with personal enjoyment.

When you watch a violent TV show, you are witnessing other people getting “harmed.” It’s not the same as a player deliberately attempting to do harm with their character in order to attain certain aims.

2. Violent video games may have a negative impact on moral sensibility

Humans are wired to shun violence and to feel emotionally rewarded when they aid others.

This component of emotional intelligence may be stronger in certain persons than in others, although moral sensitivity occurs in virtually everyone.

When gamers play violent video games on a frequent basis, they might develop an intuition that desires the opposite outcome.

3. All video games are addicting in some way

Even young children might develop a habit of playing video games if they feel compelled to do so. Youth children are much more vulnerable to the bad habits that arise when you don’t receive your “fix” from gaming every day.

It is a negative effect that, depending on the degree of exposure, can continue long into a person’s twenties. This is one of the reasons why analysts believe the average age of a video game player in the United States is more than 35.

4. Violent video games demand that the same violent behaviors be performed repeatedly

Children (and adults) must repeat the same violent behaviors in order to get favorable results in their game.

That is, players are mimicking hundreds, if not thousands of repeats of the same behavior within the game world in order to complete a task or goal which in turn can damage your neurological system because these games enable – and even promote – virtual violence to others, the end consequence might be that people become desensitized to the needs of others in the real world.

5. There are certain sections of society where criminal activity is on the rise.

Although the general crime rate is decreasing, there have been many record years of mass shootings since 2000, when violent video games became more popular in the marketplace.

Till this year, and even now, teachers are reporting an increase in physical assaults in the classroom from kids. School authorities are dealing with students who use words like “rape” while contemplating how to exact vengeance on someone.

Why I’m telling you this?… well, that’s because some gamers develop a “need” for vengeance as a result of violent video games. Also, did you know consistent exposure to violence in the content can reduce the brain’s reaction to it in real life?

When offered the choice to exact revenge on an unknown opponent for acts in a game, gamers are more inclined to do so than non-gamers. When there are video games engaged in the relationship, even acts like “swatting” rise.

6. Violent video games can cause injuries and social isolation.

When playing violent video games, repetitive gameplay is required to attain mission goals and objectives.

This disadvantage is causing an increase in the number of children and adolescents to acquire tendonitis in their wrists and fingers, hand arthritis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Obesity is raised when you play video games for an extended period of time… then there are the emotional health concerns that come with this form of leisure.

People who identify as full-time gamers (at least 30 hours per week) are at a greater risk of social isolation as a result of their gaming activities, this is the truth.

Some gamers opt to withdraw from reality or delegate personal obligations in order to continue playing. Every day, about one in ten gamers battles with addiction as a result of their need to return to their favorite gaming environment.

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