The Life Of Adepoju Olaoluwa

Inspiring Story of the Novelist and Swimmer Adepoju Olaoluwa

Get Yourself Inspired by The Story Of Adepoju Olaoluwa

Adepoju Olaoluwa is a writer and a professional swimmer born in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria they year 1988.

Some of his most famous novels are  ” World Of Love ”  and ” Could This Be Love

Olaoluwa’s main idea was to study and have his life in the United States, but unfortunately, this was not possible. But why?…

Because of all the racism there he and others had and people still suffer… he had to take a decision of changing into an environment less hostile, a place where he could be better with himself and where he could feel more in peace, that’s why he decided to emigrate to India, where he actually is studying another bachelor degree in one of the most prestigious universities in India!

His passions have to do with writing novels, sports, and even sometimes modeling

One of the most important things Olaoluwa shares with us is about the idea of achievement, he prays and says that achievement is not what or the number of things we have but the number of people we have been able to influence positively in their lives, basically, help people to find their good happy pathways.

Helping the homeless and the less privileged is not only what makes this world a better place but also his dream as a kid, he wanted people to feel good with themselves…

Back in 2017, Olaoluwa established a non-profitable organization which goal is to help people to get admission outside of their residential country, to achieve this, his organization offers scholarships to them.

The name of the company is ” ADEPOJU OLAOLUWA EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT ” which is actually partnering with more than 600+ universities worldwide to help students, also partners with non-governmental organization and governmental organization to help students get a loan and so on to study abroad especially in high demand countries like Canada and USA, this is his greatest achievement in his opinion!

Goals and Future Plans

His goal is to make the world a better place, he believes he’s a contemporary romance writer who focuses more on life experience and the in-depth of “love”, though, he hasn’t found love, but it took him years to fully understand it, been to more than 10 countries in the world in the name of experiencing what love really is but still couldn’t find it until recently which he truly understand the hindrance of love and he says he will be discussing this in his upcoming novel WORLD OF LOVE, Olaoluwa plans are to make the world a better place letting people fully understanding the misunderstood things maybe by then the world will be a perfect place for everyone.

Olaoluwa was born in a royal family where reputation means everything, a little mistake can make the
the whole family hate you, his family values their reputation and he placed this theory in his upcoming
book scheduled to be published few days before my birthday DESIRE PLAY.

Lastly, Olaoluwa grew up with no father or mother, in fact, with no parents. They are both alive but they won’t care about him, he achieved every little thing he could all on his own with Gods help

Follow him in and his latest advances here…

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