How To Control Your Jealousy

Easy Ways to Stop your jealousy

Easily Control Your Jealousy and Emotions

Changing your jealousy is similar to changing some other emotional response or behavior.

It all starts with understanding, you can see that the projected stories in your head are not real because you are conscious, you no longer respond to the scenarios that your imagination imagines when you have this clarity.

Jealousy and rage are emotional responses to fantasizing about situations that aren’t real. You will alter what the mind is projecting to remove these negative emotional responses by modifying what you believe.

Even if the reaction is justified, jealousy and indignation are not effective approaches to deal with the situation and achieve our goals. Trying to change your feelings of frustration or envy until you’re in the middle of them is like driving a car on ice.

If you can avoid the danger until we arrive, your ability to tackle the situation will be significantly enhanced. Instead of trying to suppress your impulse, what you should do, is to discuss the beliefs that trigger rage and jealousy.

How To Overcome Jealousy?

Example case study: He reflects on his supposed good virtues in order to counteract the emotion created by his Hidden False Image.

The man constructs a more convincing False Image of himself based on these characteristics since this is how he wants to be seen, I call it “The Projected Picture. A good self-image has no mental consequences, such as self-rejection or feelings of unworthiness.

As a result of his increased self-acceptance, he generates more passion and pleasure. He hasn’t changed; he’s just clinging to a certain vision in his head based on the situation, the Hidden Image values become unhappiness stimuli, while the Projected Image triggers happier feelings.

It’s worth noting that both photographs/parts are fictitious, both visions exist in the man’s imagination, but none is him. He is the one that conjures up and reacts to the visions in his head. He isn’t just a figment of his imagination.

The Projected Image is associated in the mind of a man with characteristics that women find attractive. As a consequence of the belief that women are drawn to the characteristics, they are often regarded as positive.

When a man attracts a woman’s interest, he identifies with the Projected Picture rather than the “Not Good Enough” image, the common misconception among men is that “she makes him happy” or that he “needs” her to be happy.

It always looks this way because he is observing the woman’s emotional condition in contrast to his own.

Frequently, the man is unaware that she is merely an emotional stimulus for his mind to show affection. He may not have developed other triggers for expressing his own approval and affection, leaving him reliant on a girlfriend.

When a man knows that she is merely a catalyst and that his job of communicating acceptance and affection is what causes him to alter his emotional state, he realizes that he doesn’t “use” his partner to be content.

Controlling One’s Behavior

The man is under the illusion that he is happier as a result of a woman’s affection and devotion, he responds with anxiety as he believes she is focused on someone or something other than himself.

The bulk of his anxiety isn’t about losing the woman, as he might mistakenly think. The bulk of his anxiety stems from his need to escape the physical distress that the Hidden Image causes in his head.

His Hidden Image beliefs become involved while she is not paying attention. From this “not good enough” situation, his point of view about himself shifts into perceiving, his feelings of unworthiness and unhappiness are a reflection of his views and point of view.

The man tries to get and keep the woman’s focus in order to trigger the Projected Image beliefs.

To help his Projected Image values, he works to “activate” her “cause.” It’s the only way he knows to get rid of his mentally distressing Hidden Image convictions.

He has no idea that expressing affection and acceptance is the only way to shift his mental state.


By mastering your point of view, focus, and dissolving false assumptions in your head, you will change your beliefs, emotional responses, and negative behaviors.

You can physically move out of a belief and an emotion once you learn to change your point of view. By doing this, you’ll be able to see the flawed reasoning in the assumptions that underpin the actions from a different perspective.

You will be able to avoid negative behavior if you are mindful of the faulty assumptions that are behind your acts. Eliminating erroneous beliefs removes the emotional stimuli.

In fact, the only way to get rid of anxiety is to get rid of erroneous convictions.

…If you’re struggling with handling your emotions: Learn to control your emotions

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