How To Control Your Emotions

Better Ways to Control your Emotions and Feelings

Learn to Take Control of Your Emotions

It is impossible to change your habits, and it is much more difficult when it comes to feelings. When we are angry, the last thing we want to do is calm down and try to solve the problem on our own; instead, we want to rant about what is bothering us.

We would be in a lot better place to use this insight once we have a better understanding of how our feelings function. One of the most valuable qualities you will learn in your life is the ability to regulate your emotions because your feelings drive your decisions, which in turn shapes the life you’re living right now, every aspect of it.

In contrast to our prefrontal cortex, which is our ‘thinking’ portion, the limbic system, which controls our emotions, is one of the oldest areas of the brain. Since our emotional portion of the brain is so ancient and still so strong, it’s natural that our emotions often feel like they’re running us and hijacking our thoughts.

The cognitive portion of the brain is over six billion times more powerful than the prefrontal cortex of the normal human! The argument is that your feelings can naturally hijack the thinking—this is unavoidable—but there are always solutions.


The Solutions



How can you control your emotions if you aren’t sure of whether you are too emotional or overreacting?… It’s not possible. But, what you can do is to begin to keep track of your feelings and assign them names… often it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly what we’re experiencing.

Giving it a name allows one to achieve consistency, which is critical for progress.

Find The ‘Why’ of Your Emotions

Once you’ve described how you’re doing, you’ll try to figure out why you’re feeling that way.

What’s causing you to feel this way? Of course, there may be a million explanations, and the only way to figure out is to question yourself “what is wrong?” in a way like you would ask a neighbor. “What is it that is making me feel this way?” Your mind is still looking for a solution.

Most of the time, how you think about the situation is leading you to feel that way. Another major factor we have negative feelings is because our beliefs are not present or valued at the time.

Ask For The Solution

What would you do to reclaim power until you’ve figured out why? It’s possible that you’ll need to alter your perspective on the situation at times.

Since your emotions are linked to your feelings, if you’re feeling bad, it’s possible that you’re having a pessimistic thought that’s causing you to feel that way. You will instantly feel happier as you try to consider alternative perspectives on the issue. What you concentrate on grows!

Understanding that you’re feeling a certain way at a certain moment will also help you calm down, understanding always leads to relaxing.

Choose A Way To React

This is the most difficult part. It’s a reflex to respond and control our feelings the way we do.

…Have you ever seen people who get worked up over nothing, who actually freak out over nothing? It’s almost as if you felt sorry for them. They’ve developed the habit of associating a bad situation with “freaking out.” Their fears have taken control of them.

Listening to your thoughts, identifying, understanding, and finally choosing them isn’t something you do twice a week at lunchtime. No, you will only begin to develop this crucial talent by consistent effort and dedication.


Can you have power over your feelings, or do they have control over you and steer your actions?

It’s not convenient, which is why so many people don’t bother and give up. However, once you learn to control your feelings, your life will transform in ways you never imagined, you will not only feel more confident and in charge of your life, but you will also be happier and healthy because you will not be depressed or weighed down as much.

Remember, how to control your emotions in part always depends on YOU

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