Fix Google Merchant Center Suspension Due To Misrepresentation Or Any Other Policy Violation

Learn how to fix a google merchant suspension

How To Fix A Google Merchant Suspension

You never want to hear it, but occasionally, tragedy hits, and you get the dreaded text… “your Google Merchant Center account has been suspended” without warning for reasons you didn’t expect!

So, what exactly are they referring to when they say “unacceptable market practices” or “misrepresentation”? And why is it so difficult to spell that word?

Juan Plamen, the Consultor SEO Mallorca and founder of a SEO agency says: I’ve recently heard of so many other companies that have received bans or alerts on Google Merchant Center for all of those causes, despite the fact that they haven’t participated in any form of disruptive activity.

If this describes you, you’re not lonely. My hypothesis is that Google’s automatic filters for monitoring this kind of activity have recently been fine-tuned and are now much more offensive than before.

Please accept my apologies for this happening to you; I’m sorry, and there is (frustratingly) nothing else to say in terms of clarification. Google is unable to share this information with the rest of the world, in part because they don’t want their filter algorithms to be gamed by people who might exploit it for malicious purposes (not you, of course).

Now, What Should You Do?…

Contact Google Ads support right away to take advantage of all of their services. If nothing is genuinely wrong with your site, they will be able to resubmit it for review right away, as I previously said.

Alternatively, you can find that one representative may provide you with information that another cannot.

Call Google Ads customer service first, then GMC customer service (navigate there through the Google Merchant Center contact option in settings). Call many times a day. Keep going!

Maybe you need someone to help you with that task, right?… Well, in that case, I got you covered, don’t worry.

In that case, I’m going to recommend you to use there’re thousands of prepared experts to help you solve google issues among many other things!

But from my experience, if you want your merchant center account fixed and you really want to remove the suspension of your google merchant center account… I recommend you this seller in the link below, tell him you come from my part, Juan Plamen, and from this blog Eaglebeaglespirit – The Temple For Personal Development, you’ll expect a warm welcome and professional work!

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