6 Smart Ways to Deal With Difficult Persons

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Smart Ways to Remain Confident and Cool

Have you ever met someone who irritates you so much that you want to rip your hair out, run around the room, and scream?… well, guess what, you’re not alone hey!

Well, my name is Juan Plamen the founder of this blog, and when I was just a damn kid, I have met my fair share of tough folks throughout the years.

People who don’t give in to their work on time, people who don’t show up for meetings, individuals who are certain about their beliefs and refuse to participate, people who criticize work for which they are accountable – and much more.

Even though I operate my own business, I also work on collaborative projects, and believe me, it can be tough to reach an agreement because everyone has such strong opinions!

So here are some tips to deal with such people:

1. Hold Your Temper

Losing your cool and yelling at the other person isn’t always the greatest approach to get him or her to work with you.

It is best to assume a calm persona unless you know that anger would prompt the individual into action and you are intentionally utilizing it as a technique to move him/her.

Just so you know, someone who is calm is perceived to be more in control, centered, and respectable.

Would you rather deal with someone who is generally calm or someone who is constantly on edge?

When the person you’re working with notices that you remain cool in the face of whatever he or she is doing, you’ll begin to get their attention.

2. Recognize the Person’s Intentions

I’d like to think that no one is tough just to be difficult.

Even if it appears that the individual is just out to get you, there is always some underlying cause prompting them to act in this manner, this drive is rarely seen.

To help you find the issue, you can determine the person’s trigger, meaning…

  • What is causing him/her to behave in this manner?
  • What is it that is preventing him/her from collaborating with you?
  • How can you assist him/her in meeting his/her needs and resolving the situation?

3. Seek Out the Opinions of Others

Your coworkers, supervisors, and acquaintances have almost certainly been in similar circumstances at some point, and that’s why you may need some feedback and opinions about a situation.

They usually will be able to observe things from a new perspective and provide a different perspective on the problem.

So remember, find them, tell them your tale, and listen to what they have to say.

In the thick of the chat, you could come across some pearls of wisdom, you never know!

4. Tell the Individual Where you’re Coming From

One way that has worked for me is to explain why I am doing what I am doing, most people may be reluctant at times because they just believe you are being unfair to them.

Allowing them to understand the reasoning behind your actions and the complete context of what is going on will allow them to sympathize with your position.

This makes it much easier for them to bring them on board.

5. Build a Relationship

Work may become a mechanical process with all the computers, emails, and messaging systems.

Reintroduce the human touch by engaging on a personal basis with your coworkers… go out to lunch or go to supper with them and get some plans on going.

What I mean by this?… easy, get to know them as people, not just coworkers, and learn more about their interests, families, and lives.

Make solid connections because these will help you a lot in your task.

6. Concentrate on What Can Be Done

Your tough coworkers may occasionally put you in hot water, such as not obtaining a piece of work they promised to provide you or being wrongfully held responsible for something you did not do.

Whatever the case may be, accept that the scenario has already transpired rather than dwelling on what you can’t alter, concentrate on the measures you can do to improve your position.

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