5 Ways To Be More Creative

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Tips to be More Creative

Some people believe that imagination is a blessing bestowed only on the world’s Vincent Van Goghs, Toni Morrisons, and Annie Leibovitzs.

But the fact is that creativity is a talent, not a gift.

And, it’s an ability that everyone can improve over time with the right kind of practise, whether they’re a painter, artist, accountant, stay-at-home dad, CEO, designer, or anyone else.

What does the procedure entail, though? What steps would you take to become more creative?

  • The executive attention network (which is responsible for concentration and attention)
  • The imagination network (which is responsible for—you guessed it—imagination and daydreaming)
  • The salience network (which is responsible for stimuli and attention)

These three networks in your brain are responsible for creativity (which are responsible for making connections between the knowledge stored in your brain and your environment).

You must find ways to involve all three if you want to become more innovative. Fortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to innovation.

Consider running: the main aim is to become a better athlete, but there are a variety of paths to take to get there.

If you want to become a more competitive runner, you can practise race training; practise speed runs to become a quicker runner; or simply lace up your shoes and go when you need a post-run endorphin boost (which will certainly make you a happier runner).

Different methods, but you’ll become a stronger runner in each event.

Now that you know the essential and vital information, let’s look for the 5 ways to be more creative.


5 Ways To Be More Creative


1. Schedule Time To Practise Creativity On Your Calendar

Make time in your schedule to practise innovation, just as you would any other significant commitment, and then stick to it. And when I say “make space,” I’m not joking.

Put a particular time slot on your calendar, then, when the time comes, stick to your routine and focus on a creative idea. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s creative.

That could mean brainstorming ideas for a new book, devoting a few hours to a new design, or even something as basic as colouring or writing in a journal.

Making innovation a priority and scheduling it on your calendar will help to stimulate your brain’s executive attention network.

2. Allow Yourself To Become Bored

If you’re like the majority of people, likely  “busy” like a badge of honour and fill every second of your day with one or more tasks.

When you’re constantly busy, though, you don’t have time for your mind to wander.

Allow yourself to be bored if you want to be more creative!

When you’re bored, you daydream, which stimulates the imagination network in your brain. Boredom—and all the daydreaming you do when you’re bored—sparks imaginative thinking and can lead to a slew of fresh creative ideas according to studies (and new, creative ways of thinking).

3. Tackle The Project At a Different Time Than Normal

If you’re stuck on a project, you’ll need to make new connections and take a different approach to it. And what’s one of the most effective ways to do so?… To work on the idea at a different time.

Changing things up and working on projects at odd hours will encourage you to think in new ways. This will stimulate the salience network in your brain, making it easier to form fresh, unexpected links between your information banks and the environment.

In reality, according to a recent report, you’re more likely to solve “insight problems” (psychology speaks for creative problems) when you’re the least alert—so if you’re a morning person, you’ll be more successful at solving creative problems at night.

This is possibly due to the fact that thinking creatively takes different parts of the brain—so, while you’ll want to tackle analytical problems when you’re at your most alert, you’ll also want to tackle imaginative problems when you’re at your most alert.

To summarise, if you’re stuck on a job, try working on it at an odd hour.

This simple scheduling change will help you think in new ways, which might lead to the innovative solution you need to finish the project.

4. Take a Stroll

A change of scenery can sometimes be everything you need to think about an issue in a new way—and what’s the perfect change of scenery to foster fresh thinking?…

Taking a walk outdoors. One of the best ways to improve your imagination and promote new ways of thinking is to go for a walk (especially outside-outdoors).

Spending time outside has been shown to boost creative productivity by as much as 60%, possibly because it engages all three of the brain’s creativity networks (you’ll engage the executive attention network because you’ll have to concentrate on where you’re going; you’ll be able to daydream, which stimulates the imagination network; and all the new stimulation in your setting will activate the salience network).

Bonus points for creativity: if you want to boost the benefits of your walk’s creativity, put on some headphones and listen to “good music,” which according to research has a positive effect on creativity.

5. Become a Computer That Generates Ideas

Few people are more knowledgeable about the subject of innovation than James Altucher.

Altucher is a best-selling author, an entrepreneur, a podcast host, and a creative force to be reckoned with. And, according to Altucher, the reason he’s been able to find such a diverse set of creative successes is that he’s been able to find such a diverse commitment to being an “idea machine.”

5 Ways To Be More Creative

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