The Story Of Teale Vint

Learn to be Happy with Teale Vint

The Inspiring Tale Of Teale Vint

Today I had the pleasure to get to know about the life of Teale Vint!

Now, if you’re wondering what you should know about this woman and why you should be reading this article…

Well, she’s a living example of a woman with values, values, that some of us should follow and try to apply to our lives to live a life with more enjoyment and happiness.

Here below you’ll see some of her biggest events that changed her life and how she became the beautiful person and kind soul she’s today.

The Story Of Teale Vint

Kia ora everyone, my name is Teale Vint and I was born in Whangarei, New Zealand.

The big stand out of my childhood was my loving family, I had a heap of love and empathy around me that made me the woman I am today. I was taught patience and kindness growing up with a special needs brother, though difficult at times, it made me a more nurturing person.

The second thing was dancing. I was at the studio more than I was at home. It taught me discipline and when you put your mind to something you can always achieve it.

You are tired? Still went to dancing, grumpy?… Go dancing. Sad?… time to go dancing.

Although I am grateful for my upbringing a very tough time for me was when I was 12-15 years old, as my brother was extremely hard work for my mother, she became very fatigued. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and for a whole year she couldn’t leave the couch, I am not even joking her exercise was walking to the letterbox. I felt alone and helpless.

I would cry in my room most nights praying my mum would get better. No one ever knew how I felt or my pain (I can’t even imagine my mum’s pain) and all dad’s spare energy went to my little brother. My little brother was quite abusive during these times and I fought through with a smile on my face. I didn’t want to add any stress to the household. I would go to school having the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I would smile and then sometimes go to the school bathrooms and just cry. No one knew how much pain I was in. Every day I would wake up, make my brother breakfast, and get ready for school, while I left, my brother would yell at me down the driveway the most horrible words, “you are fat”, “no one wants you here”, “f you”… just a lot of awful things no 13-year-old should have to endure.

Through that all, I went on, trying to keep my head up and not show anyone I was in pain. I do remember at high school, although I loved it. If I did ever try to reach out to someone it was gaslighted. I remember sitting in social studies and I just started to cry and some of the girls in my class started to yell at me, “you don’t know what real pain is, get over yourself”.

I am sure young girls still face this nastiness and that breaks my heart. People do not realize what anyone is going through, so just be nice.

Later on in life, this made me constantly hid my emotions. This wasn’t healthy at all, but now, I have realized people do care if you allow them to.

Talking about how you feel is important. If you are not comfortable with this yet (I wasn’t for ages). I started to journal my thoughts and feelings and that really helped. Through a heap of personal development, I have let go of old wounds and hold no resentment towards my family, It wasn’t their fault.

I told them how I felt when I was younger and they were sorry for it. But it was such a hard situation for every single person in the family and I know now, my parents did their best.

I spend a lot of time with them now. They are the most important people in my life and whenever I am down, my little brother can always put a smile on my face, our bond is stronger than ever.

Sometimes you are in control of things, you have the choice to heal or continue being resentful. No matter how hard it is, always choose peace.

The biggest advice I would give to the younger generations is, you do not have to fit in and do what everyone except you to do, do stuff that makes you happy, even if people judge you for it.

The second is, do not hide your emotions or sweep them under the rugIt will build up and you will explode. If you have a problem, face it head-on, communicate your feelings.

And if you have people put you down for it, they are not your people. Remember, we cannot control what others say and do, but we can control how we react.

Through my experiences, I have learned a lot and run a mindset Facebook page for everyone and anyone. Please feel free to private message me _tealevint. I would love to get you an invite.


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