Interview With Katarzyna Dacyszyn

Interviewing the Bravest Women, Katarzyna Dacyszyn

An Interview With The Katarzyna Dacyszyn – The Author of Women with a Scar

Today we’re going to talk about the story of one of the bravest women and strongest women I’ve ever met, her name is Katarzyna Dacyszyn and she’s going to talk about her history and how she got to empower many women around the world by taking action into the injustices that constantly happen all over the world.

Juan Plamen:

– Hello Katarzyna, can you tell me some background stories from your childhood that draw a smile on your face and you feel they’ve influenced you into being the beautiful person you’re today?

Katarzyna Dacyszyn:

Hello Juan, yes, first of all… I was born in beautiful Wrocław city in West South of  Poland during the communist times and grown up as a small strong girl that was a guardian for the smaller and weaker women.

The reason for that is because I couldn’t stand injustices or violence between children and I had a lot of friends all around who were suffering it.

I always loved to travel, I remember how my father was taking us to spend summer holidays by the sea in the South of Europe.

My lovely childhood has stopped in a moment when we’ve found out my father was cancer sick. After his death, my adult life has started faster than equals but what I know is that it made me stronger for sure.

I’ve learned to be a responsible, predictive, and mentally strong young person. I finished my studies, got a dream job as a fashion designer, started to travel all around the World and I’ve bought my first studio. I was so happy and at that happy moment.

Juan Plamen:

– That’s really beautiful and I think it’s amazing how to focus on the positive things even in the hardest times… that’s totally inspiring and I’m thankful you shared all this with me.

All these beautiful things got to a breaking point, right?…

Katarzyna Dacyszyn:

That’s right.

Juan Plamen:

– Can you share with me what’s the reason this happened?

Katarzyna Dacyszyn:


Going through my usual routines and searching for inspiration… one day I’ve received a message from some stranger on Facebook

The message was like a declaration of love but written the way no one is doing, so I’ve become scared, I didn’t even know that person and obviously, I’ve ended blocking the stranger on Facebook to not receive more of these messages.


That didn’t stop the person. Since that moment he was using fake profiles and I was receiving messages, emails, comments. I could feel I’m watched and spied on the internet, and soon I’ve realized it must be someone from the neighborhood.

That was a time when the concept of stalking was not existing in Polish law.
I couldn’t do anything. I’ve moved to Barcelona for 2 years and had the feeling that the stalking has stopped.

When I came back to Poland… it all has started again but then the stalking appeared as a legal paragraph in polish law. I went to the police, and finally, the court took care of the case.

But before the first meeting at the court with the judge

The stalker appeared in a court and attacked me with sulfuric acid on a corridor of the court building. I’ve saved my life turning my face away so I didn’t choke with the corrosive liquid but 25% of my body was burned with the acid and I’ve been transported by a helicopter and left in a specialized hospital and spend months in there.

Interview With Katarzyna Dacyszyn 1

I’ve learned to be patient, grateful, and to love life, and be happy with every little thing that came to me in a hospital day by day. While I left the hospitals I was fighting in court for 25years in jail punishment for the stalker for attempted murder and I did. 

After the case, I decided to teach and to help to understand how a danger stalking can appear. So I’ve written a bookWoman with a scar” and I founded and organized a yearly event called “Stop Stalking” to teach the victims how to get manage with a stalking case, students of the law, and psychologists to recognize the stalking process.

katarzyna, kobieta z blizna

I’m an expert because my life pushed me to do this, to use my power to help others.

I think it is best to provide well from something bad.

Juan Plamen:

Kartarzyna, thank you, and I mean it, THANK YOU for all you’ve shared with me here, and thank you for have remained so incredibly strong after such strong emotions going on and random events such as the one with the stalker happening in your life. 

The fact that after all this has occurred and you’re here and think of helping others just lets me see the kind and amazing person you’re and why your story needs to be spread around.

I’m sure your story will inspire and help thousands of women around the world, I’m sure and I hope.

Katarzyna Dacyszyn:

Thank you Juan

Juan Plamen:

– Now, I’ve investigated a bit about you, and you have a brand, is that right?

Katarzyna Dacyszyn:

Yes, you’re right

Juan Plamen:

– Can you talk to me a bit about your brand and when was made?…

Katarzyna Dacyszyn:


I’ve created my brand sometime before the attack,
I’ve found my own brand called Bunny Blanc.

I was even invited to New York to have a fashion show, but I had bigger plans after that to expand with the production.

But the attack has stopped everything.

At the beginning in the hospital, I have realized I couldn’t see because my eyes were burned with the acid. That time I thought my life was over. But I’ve decided to do everything to get well and not to lose hope.

After 2 weeks I’ve started to see light. Now I could finally see with my eyes again… 

When you think positive, miracles happen.

Believe, trust and keep doing what you really love.  It has been 4,5 years since the attack, 

and still, I and my doctors are still working on my scars, but I’m alive, loving life, helping people, teaching the police, and I work the way I love.

tarzyna Dacyszyn

Now I’m back to my brand Bunny Blanc and it’s slowly growing.

Juan Plamen:

Thank you for sharing your philosophy about life and which Is also part of your Bunny Blanc

When I hear you speaking all these words it amazes me how strong you’ve worked for this and how of a tough woman you are.

Now, after all this you’ve shared with me today Katarzyna… which advice would you give to future generations?…

Katarzyna Dacyszyn:

To be a good person.

Don’t let anybody destroy you. When you feel danger or your gut is telling you the situation is not good for you listen to your intuition.

Intuition is our first brain on the evolution system. Fear is a signal to back out. If you have a stalker don’t ever negotiate. Stalkers want to keep contact with the victim.

Do not give the stalker what he wants otherwise the situation would be worst…

If there is a stranger communicating and bothering you to the point of feeling spiritual pain and fear… once that happens you don’t want any contact with this person it’s obvious, and if this person continues bothering you in such a way and following you it is clearly breaking the law, and you are going to go to the police.

Do not delete the evidence of stalking, please collect them as proof for the police. 

All text messages, emails, photos, billings,  print screens, witnesses… all those are the proofs to judge someone is a stalker.

If you feel unsafe please never walk alone, change your daily schedule, and even think about taking some self-defense lessons.

This the interview with Katarzyna Dacyszyn,

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BUNNY BLANC – Katarzyna Dacyszyn

fashion brand. fashion designer

ul.Roosevelta 8c

90-056 Łódź

NIP PL 894 197 29 52

This article/interview has been written by Juan Plamen featuring Katarzyna Dacyszyn.


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