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Say Goodbye to Acidity

Cure Acidity with Home Remedies

We’ve all undergone acidity at some stage in our lives, and we both know the most frequent signs include severe stomach pain, burning, bloating, hiccupping, flatulence, and acid reflux.

We all know antacids and reaching for an antacid is a normal reaction when suffering from acidity, but there’s one problem… it will not provide long-term relief.

Instead, use these kitchen gems to cure and regulate acidity while still improving your overall stomach health. Today I’m providing you with the most powerful acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion treatments!



Bananas are highly good for gut and stomach protection due to their high fibre content, which aids digestion. They are high in potassium and improve the absorption of mucus in the stomach, which prevents the accumulation of excess acid and also combats the negative effects of excessive acid production.

A mature banana is an excellent antidote to acid reflux.

(Check this to see the incredible other benefits of consuming bananas)

Cold milk

Consume milk

Milk is well-known for having a high calcium content, making it a superfood for bone protection… but did you know that one of the key components of the over-the-counter antacids is calcium? Calcium supports digestion and helps to preserve the pH balance.

As a result, cold milk may provide immediate relief from the burning feeling associated with acidity and acid reflux, calcium in milk often reduces and eliminates acid build-up, as well as absorbing excess acid.

Remember that cold milk is more powerful than hot milk and that you should not apply any ingredients to the milk, such as sugar or chocolate powder.


consume buttermilk

Drink a glass of cold buttermilk to get relief from heartburn. Buttermilk absorbs lactic acid, which helps to balance stomach acidity. By coating the stomach lining and reducing inflammation and acid reflux symptoms, lactic acid soothes the stomach even more.

Buttermilk, after all, is a probiotic that occurs naturally. Probiotics are important for a healthy digestive system, which is why many physicians prescribe taking probiotic supplements on a regular basis. Probiotics contain healthy bacteria that resist gas build-up and bloating, which are common symptoms of acid reflux. It also helps nutrients and proteins to be fully digested and consumed, resulting in the elimination of constipation.

Basil Leaves

Consume Basil Leaves

Basil leaves, or Tulsi as we know it, promote the production of mucus in our stomach, which helps to alleviate heartburn and nausea caused by acidity (To reduce stomach acid, chew 2-3 basil leaves).

Additionally, basil leaves help to soothe an inflamed oesophagus and stomach lining affected by too much stomach acid. Basil leaves also have anti-ulcer effects, reducing the influence of gastric acids and limiting gas intake.

Ayurvedic remedies for indigestion often include basil leaf juice and powder.

Mint leaves

Consume mint leaves

When you have indigestion or acid reflux, pudina will improve. Mint leaves are one of nature’s strongest coolants, and as a result, they help to relieve the burning and inflammation that frequently accompany acidity and indigestion. Mint helps to support digestion by lowering stomach acid levels.

To control and soothe acidity, chop some mint leaves, or boil a few leaves and drink the water until it cools to improve stomach and intestinal health.



Another home product with a long list of health benefits.

But first, something you should know, what are gingerols?…

Gingerols are the active ingredients in ginger that lend it its soothing powers, whether it’s for a common cold or a variety of digestive and intestinal problems. So, here’s how ginger can help with acidity.

Ginger has properties that destroy the pylori bacteria that causes acid reflux, reduce inflammation, reduce nausea, and relax the stomach muscles. Fresh ginger can also be used to relieve nausea.

Many Ayurvedic remedies for indigestion use ginger as an active ingredient.

Ginger may be eaten raw, in tea, or cooked with.


Consume gooseberries

Amla is classified as a Sattvik food in Ayurveda, which means it has a healing effect on the body as a whole, making it a natural acid deterrent. Amla is also rich in vitamin C, which aids in the recovery of damaged stomach lining and esophagus. To avoid such irritating acidity attacks, take one teaspoon of amla powder per day.

So, now that you know some easy-to-find kitchen recipes to help you beat the acidity blues, use these natural solutions instead of reaching for the nearest bottle of antacid while you’re experiencing pain, nausea, or burning from acidity. 

Tell me, did you find useful all these remedies? If so, make sure to leave a comment or reach to me on the bottom by clicking on the “contact us” page like most of you do! Have a beautiful day!

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